APRIL 24-26TH, 2015


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Gale Owen-Crocker
Dress and Identity in the Middle Ages
Anglo-Saxon Dress
'Reading' the significance of the dress in the Bayeux Tapestry

Jason Carter
Costume and the Role How costumes can inspire and limit a character portrayal, based on Jason's experiences in film, television and stage.

Tara Andrus
Zombie Workshop: How to achieve zombie make-up effects yourself. Hands-on workshop. Attendance in this workshop is limited to 20 for each workshop due to the nature of the work. It will be offered on Friday & Saturday. Learn how to create movie-quality zombie make-up effects with ingredients you can buy at Sam's Club. Cost: $10 for materials. Sign up at Registration. BE SURE TO WEAR CLOTHING THAT YOU WON'T MIND IF IT'S STAINED. THIS MAY HAPPEN!

Prosthetics, Make-up & Costuming Learn how SFX artists combine these disciplines in creating the characters we see in TV and film.

Robin Netherton
When Medieval Meets Victorian: The Roots of Modern Costume Sources Too often, today's costume sources present "facts" about medieval and Renaissance costume that are actually misinterpretations dating from the Victorian era. This lecture traces the development of modern costume scholarship and examines the motives and methods of 19th-century costume historians. Armed with this information, 21st-century costumers can learn how to recognize — and compensate for — Victorian influence in current sources.

Saintly Inspiration: Using Medieval Religious Figures for Costume Research Medieval saints' images can be a goldmine of interesting costume details — and also a minefield of confusion and error. An understanding of various saints' stories and symbols can help researchers to locate and interpret useful information and to distinguish realistic depictions from invented ones. A broad selection of slides features such famous medieval fashion models as Catherine, Christopher, Francis, Jerome, Mary Magdalene, Sebastian, Ursula, and Wilgefortis.

Inventing the Wheel: The Strange History of the Wheel Farthingale The “wheel” farthingale, popular in English art from the 1590s through the 1620s, has long been described as one of the strangest inventions of Western fashion, with its wide skirt standing out from the wearer’s hips like a dinner plate. For the past two centuries, authors have proposed a variety of ways of achieving this silhouette, based on various arrangements of boned or wired understructures. A close look at the evidence from the period, however, shows clearly that the secret behind the wheel shape was something quite different from what is typically assumed by historians and costumers alike.

Mathew Gnagy
The Modern Maker: The Lecture.This is the same lecture I give on my workshop tour...its good and its informative and generates a LOT of conversation. I would need about a 2 hour time slot for this one.

So You'd Like to Knit Professionally... Mathew talks about the creation of his knitting book and what its like to knit professionally for Runway shows and big fashion brands.

Making Your Passion Into Your Career

Jillian Venters
Gothic Charm School - I read a few excerpts from the book, followed by Q&A. Goth Style It's more than just wearing black. Basics of goth fashion, the details that make something look like an outfit, not a costume, and tips on how to dress in a darker style without breaking the bank OR looking like a bad parody.

Thomas Willeford
Budget Costuming That Doesn't Look Like it
Prop Making from Found Objects
Panel- Doing This For A Living

Angela Costello
Fundamentals of Roman Dress from Republic to Byzantium: Toga party? Not quite! Come out and learn the difference between a tunica, stola, and yes, even the famous toga. Maybe even an ecclesiastical pallium and superhumeral! This two hour lecture will encompass as much about Roman and Byzantine dress as the teacher can cram in. Questions are encouraged. Handouts and downloadable materials available.
Historical Costuming for the Cosplay Enthusiast: Taking the step from 2-D animations and comics into the world of 3-D costuming can be daunting enough. Moving into the realm of historical costuming can be another hurdle in the world of convention cosplay. This class will give the attendees an introduction to the proper research and development steps needed to design and create an impressive historically accurate costume for cosplay wear and competition.

Bob Dorian
Evolution of Mens Fashion in the 19th Century

Airship Noir
Panel: Getting Started in Steampunk- Thrifting and modding
Panel: Steampunk Basics- Making and Modding (Goggles, hats, foam dart guns)
Panel: Hands on- Simple metal etching for jewelry and other projects

Gerald of Ipsley (Gerald Hubbell) and Robert of Coldcastle (Robert Kalthoff)
Textiles A class on how textiles will communicate the story of a character.

Leah Brown
At the beginning: costume construction 101 Going from the image you want to make and how to get there. Adjusting and combining patterns, types of fabrics to consider, and also safety issues with costumes at conventions.

Susi Matthews
Sewing Tips & Tricks 101 A Veteran designer and seamstress dishes best sewing tips. Covered will be types of fabric and advisable use, burning to determine fiber content, Determining time, cost and dollar estimates for costume projects. This will be interactive and questions will be accepted from the class.
From Concept to Pattern This will be a basic show-and-tell on how to take that cosplay character or idea from a 2D image to a 3D design. The demonstration will be showing how to cut and fit an actual costume design in progress.


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Friday Night Meet & Greet:
For our VIP members & Guest Lecturers, come meet our Guests of Honor and fellow guests at a party just for you!

Kansas City Costumers' Guild Meetup
The KCCG is your local chapter of the International Costumers' Guild, a non-profit organization that seeks to bring hobbyist and professional costumers from around the world together, and to foster local educational and social costume events. We welcome everyone who has an interest in the making, wearing or display of costume.

Scrap swap!
Do you have any scrap fabric that you haven't been using but can't bear to throw away? We're going to have a Scrap Swap table. Bring in your scraps (larger than 5 inches by 5 inches, please) and see if there are other scraps you can use for your projects!

Silent Auction!
We're having a Silent Auction!
So far, we have fashion and costuming books, patterns, and fabric- including a bolt of raw silk.
We are happy to accept donations for the auction as well! More books, patterns, and fabric are welcome, as well as trim, costumes, make up and anything else related.
The silent auction will run the length of the convention and end on Sunday at 1 pm. The auction will benefit the convention so we can bring more great guests next year.