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Do you have art to sell? Figments is happy to display it! We offer more than 400 sq. ft. of space for you to entice your eager fans with your art. You’ll like our prices too! At $15 per 4’x6’ panel plus 5% of any sales, you’ll see more of your money go into your pocket! We also will show your name and website on our con book and website.



(Click here for application.)


Minors will be attending Figments & Filaments. Each artist is responsible for ensuring that materials openly displayed are suitable for viewing by minors and the general public. We are not allowing artwork that could be considered “R-rated” at this time, and will jury all applications for appropriateness and content. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our panels are 4’ width by 6’ length. We also have space for tables if needed for 3d pieces. Prints sell just as well as original work- $25-$50 is a good range for prices We will have a print shop this year!!

Hanging Fees are $15 per panel + 5% flat fee on all sales.

There is an auction. One bid takes the piece to the auction held on Sunday before closing ceremonies. There will be after auction sales as time permits.

Mail in art must have return postage and insurance included in the packaging with any instructions necessary to return the artwork. If all pieces are sold, the return postage check will be sent back along with the check to the artist, UNLESS YOU REQUEST YOUR SHIPPING BOX BACK. WE PREFER PREPAID RETURN SHIPPING WITH LABEL.

We require separate checks for the return postage.


    Registration is required.
    1. Download the PDF file from the website and mail in.
    2. Fees may be paid by check or online via PayPal.
      They should be paid when you register.
    3. Once fees are paid and registration is received, you will be sent your Artist Number and Art Show Forms.
    4. The Artist Number must be on ALL paperwork (control sheets, bid sheets, print ID tags).
Art Show Hours


FRIDAY, April 24TH - 3PM - 7PM
SATURDAY, April 25TH - 10AM - 7PM
SUNDAY, April 26TH - 10AM - 3PM


Hilton Garden Inn
19677 E Jackson DR
Independence, MO 64057
(816) 350-3000



Mail in accepted through April 17, 2015
    The Figments & Filaments Art Show requires juried acceptance for artists new to the show, except for Artist Guests of Honor. We will respond promptly to all submissions of new work. Artists who have not previously exhibited work at Figments & Filaments may submit images for consideration in one of two ways: Use our online Art Show Registration Form or an email to to submit a URL (web address) where we can see your artwork. Email 5 representative JPEG, or PNG image files of your work to:
    Artwork must meet the following criteria to be accepted and eligible: Artwork should have a science fiction, fantasy, Steampunk, horror, or astronomical theme. Work you submit must be your own artwork that is, designed and executed by you, the artist. No plagiarized images, trademark or copyright violations, or other illegal uses will be tolerated.
    1. No hand colored versions of others’ designs will be accepted, whether you have the artist’s permission to color them or not.
    2. If you have permission to use a trademarked image (example: media portraits of recognizable trademarked characters), please furnish documentation to this effect.
    3. This is a family art show. Some of our art patrons are under age 12. Graphic images of disturbing horror, explicit sexuality, and/or violence are not acceptable.
      (Please note: simple nudity in itself does NOT constitute “explicit sexuality”). The Art Show staff reserves the right to refuse to display any work that we judge violates this rule.
    4. All art media are acceptable; however, excessively messy or smelly pieces may be excluded on an individual basis, at the discretion of the art show staff, for practical reasons. Please specify your medium/media accurately on your bid sheet, so buyers have clear information.
    5. If you need special display accommodations such as a power hookup, please check with us well in advance of the show.
    6. Prints will be accepted.
    7. Multiple originals (etchings, woodcuts, serigraphs, prints individually hand colored by the artist, etc.) should be reserved for the Art Show only.
    8. Open edition reproduction prints are restricted to the Print Shop.
    9. Signed, numbered, limited edition reproduction prints may be displayed in either area.
    All Artwork:
    Artwork must be ready to display when it arrives. We will not add wires, assemble frames, etc., to prepare your artwork for display. However, we will employ S hooks and bulldog clips as needed to attach work to display panels.
    • Identification of artwork: Artwork for display on art show panels or 3D tables in the Art Show area must have a bid sheet attached. Items in the Print Shop must have a Print Shop I.D. tag attached.
    • All artwork in the show must be listed on a control sheet. Work to be displayed in the Art Show area should be listed on the form titled “Art Show Control Sheet.” Work to be displayed in the Print Shop should be listed on the “Print Shop Control Sheet” form.

    2D artwork:
    All 2D artwork for the main show must be mounted, matted, or framed, and capable of being hung for display using S hooks (matted pieces will be suspended with bulldog clips). 2D work for the Print Shop does not have to be matted, but most prints will be displayed in bins, so a stiff backing is highly advisable. The staff reserves the final say about which prints may be used on panel space above the Print Shop bins to create an attractive display. We strongly recommend bagging or shrink wrapping all unframed 2D work, for its protection.

    3D artwork:
    3D work will be displayed on tables, within clear view of the bag check and main art show desk areas. We will take every precaution to protect artwork from theft, but the artist/agent must understand that you display the work at your own risk. You may provide your own lockable display case for 3D work, as long as the art show staff has access to a key.
    (Entries due 4/18/14; prepaid return shipping required);
    1. The Figments & Filaments Art Show will accept mailed in entries.
    2. Ship your entry to the address listed on page 2
    3. We will only hang work that fulfills all requirements.
    4. Mailed in work must be received by April 18, 2014.
    5. Mail in artists must send a prepaid label from their shipper to cover return shipping. See the section on fees for more details.
    6. A hanging or layout diagram may be included, to show how you want your work displayed.
    7. All shipping containers must be suitable for shipping unsold art back to you.
    8. We will carefully document and photograph any package that arrives damaged, and contact you.
    1. The Figments & Filaments Art Show will accept checks, cash, or credit card payments for art sales.
    2. All items in the Print Shop are available for immediate sale at the price listed on the Print I.D. tag and may be taken from the show by the new owner upon purchase.
    3. Items exhibited in the Art Show may be purchased as follows:
      • Items may be bought at any time for the Quick Sale price, as long as no one has written a bid on the bid sheet.
      • We will hold a LIVE AUCTION Sunday afternoon. Rules for bidding and information about the auction will be posted prominently, all around the Art Show display area.
      • To bid on an item, a buyer may use his or her membership number (on badge) or legal name (no fannish “badge names”).
      • A bid is a binding, legal offer to buy the artwork. All items with one or more bids will be sold for the highest bid received.
      • Once an item has a bid on the bid sheet, it cannot be purchased for the Quick Sale price.
      • The winning bidders may pick up their art after the auction on Sunday afternoon.
      • All purchased art may be removed from the show on Sunday.
    4. Attending artists may begin to take down their unsold art after 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.
    1. Vertical display panels are 4X6 foot wire grid panels. Each 4X6 foot panel is $15.
    2. Each table is 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. long. The minimum unit of 3X3 feet of horizontal display space is $8. A full table is $15.
    3. Print shop bin access is available in a minimum “unit” of 15 copies of up to 5 editions. Six to 10 editions would comprise a second “unit,” and so on. The fee for each 5 editions is $8.
    4. We charge a 5% commission on all sales.
    All artists and agents who mail in artwork for display and sale MUST prepay their return shipping.
    1. Artists will be paid as soon as possible. We must wait for checks, etc. to clear the bank, but we promise you will not wait any longer than 7 days. If you choose PayPal, you may receive your funds on Sunday.
    2. Artists will be paid by check or to your PayPal acct.
    3. Unless a designated agent specifies otherwise, checks will be made payable to the artist.
    4. Your sales and any fee refunds will be itemized on paperwork sent with each check.
    5. The check will be mailed via US Postal Service to the address indicated on the Artist Registration form.
    6. We will send as much buyer information as the buyers release us to share.
More information on the way soon! Please keep checking back