Would you like to show off your best work in our Costume Gallery? Please fill out the form to the right and submit it. In the Costume and Costumer Details area, please describe the piece in 100 words or less.


Space is limited so we ask that you do not submit more than two entries per person.


The Costume Gallery will have staff and volunteers providing security. Convention attendees will be able to see your costume entry, but not touch or move it.


Figments & Filaments will be making a booklet of all the costumes in the gallery, which will be available during the convention.


Along with your submission, please send a picture of your outfit to gallery@figmentsandfilaments.com.  Please make the subject line the title of your submission, Thanks!


Deadline for submissions is February 9th, Space is limited to 50 entries, Good luck, and see you at Planet Comicon!



This year at Planet Comicon Kansas City, Figments and Filaments will be participating in the Planet Entertainment Zone! (The PEZ). The PEZ is a new feature at Planet Comicon KC and is a fun filled, all ages interactive event area. There will be a Makers space focusing on cosplay crafting as well as games and activities for everyone to enjoy!



Figments and Filaments Costume Gallery and Cosplay Repair

Figments and Filaments is offering:


 *   A cosplay repair station to help with any wardrobe malfunctions you might have at the convention


 *   A Costume Gallery where you can display you best work (space is limited, application below)


  *   Scrap Swap! Leave some scraps, take some scraps. Do you need a little piece of fabric to finish that outfit? Have you been looking for a small accent piece but don't want to buy a whole yard? Come check the Scrap Swap Table! It's free!


  *   Mask Making - come by and make a mask. You can use our scrap fabric and supplies and get advice and instruction. Bring  your little ones or make one for yourself! (no unaccompanied children)


  *   Demo Area - There will be demos throughout the weekend showing how to do certain cosplay and costuming skills



Figments and Filaments

Any other questions feel free to email us